Having a new coat of paint in your interior doesn’t just lighten up a room but creates a complete overhaul centered on color. While anyone can pick up a brush and paint a surface, the business of painting goes beyond just that. We understand this and offer an unrivaled interior painting service in Niagara Region and West GTA that places the needs of clients as a priority while employing our expertise to make ideal decisions. Painting as professionals’ spreads across understanding each client’s pain points, needs, and specifications, giving clear and better advice and making thoughtful decisions that are geared towards giving any interior the best coat of paint. Our team of painters at Rich Home Inc is not just a group of painters but a dedicated and courteous team of expert painters who have invested much and have practiced so much to handle any painting project. Our painters pay in-depth attention to details as we believe that each project comes with unique specifications and requires unique solutions. Before we start working on your project, we ensure the following:


  • Color choices and details are clear
  • Wallpapers are removed
  • Drywall repairs are complete
  • Furniture rearrangement
  • Floors are properly covered
  • Pets are moved

Get Quality and Affordable Painting service with Rich Home Inc

  • Painting Living rooms
  • Painting Kitchens
  • Painting Hallways
  • Painting Doors and Windows
  • Painting Bathrooms
  • Painting Home Offices
  • Painting Bedrooms
  • Painting Guest Rooms
  • Painting Casing and Baseboard
  • Spray Painting
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