Home Renovations

Home Renovations

Whether it is a commercial or residential building, there are times when renovation becomes necessary. Ranging from interior overhaul to mere additions and removals from the exterior, home renovation is what any homeowner should consider as it doesn’t just add to the aesthetics of homes but also improve their market value. Rich Home Inc. remains the go-to choice for many homeowners who understand the true meaning of getting quality home renovation services. Homes go beyond a space with a roof for living; they are a part of homeowners and goes a long way to define their lifestyles, and that is why we take every home renovation project seriously. We have learned through our passion for renovation and experience how to use our skill set to improve homes and make them look exactly the way our clients want it or even exceed their expectations with our service delivery.


Get Quality and Affordable Home Renovation service with Rich Home Inc

  • Home Additions
  • Home Extension
  • Second Story Additional
  • Sunroom
  • Shed
  • Pool House
  • Guest House
  • Tiny House
  • Gazebo
  • Outdoor Office
  • Outdoor living
  • Commercial Constructions
  • Open Concept Home
  • Removing Loadbearing Walls
  • Framing
  • Electrical Services
  • Plumbing Services
  • Insulations
  • Drywall
  • Taping& Mudding& Sending
  • And Much moreā€¦
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